Purpose and Benefit

Members of PacWest SFS are able to benefit from its Mission Statement; exchanging information and ideas by networking directly with their colleagues and through the organization’s website. Its annual conference focuses on current industry trends, changing policies and regulations; as well as the opportunity to gain knowledge and best business practices pertaining to a member’s respective field in higher education.

To this end the Brief History of PacWest SFS has the organization maturing into a national membership and resource. The annual conference has become a “must attend” for its members from across the country; exchanging their regional knowledge and questions that inherently apply to campuses from coast to coast; offering the most attractive and best value in content, networking and location.

Brief History

In 2008 PacWest SFS formed from two of California’s premier long-standing Higher Education, non-profit organizations: the California Colleges & University Loan Administrators Association (CCULAA) and the California Bursar’s Association (CBA). These two organizations had two distinctly different focuses; CCULAA was focused on student loan administration while the CBA focus was primarily on student account receivables and cashiering.

Already attracting a national membership without looking beyond California’s borders, 2011 had PacWest SFS making a conscious and concerted effort to share its Purpose and Benefit and Our Mission with a national audience and membership.

Our Mission

  • Be a premier resource to showcase current industry trends
  • Provide professional training opportunities for our members
  • Promote inter-campus networking
  • Collaborate with the member community and corporate partners
  • Stay abreast of Higher Education policy changes