Wednesday, May 13, 2015

10:00am-11:00amConference Registration
 Second Floor
11:00am-11:15amWelcome and Opening Remarks
 Denise Burt, Santa Clara University
11:15am-12:15pmOver in 80 seconds: The Challenge of Preventing School Shootings
 Chief Glavin, CSU Northridge

Active shooter incidents inflict horrific caualties in rapid motion and usually before police and first responders arrive on the scene. Learn how to survive a possible worst case sencarion in this session. Chief Glavin will cover the nature of the active shooter, the change in police tactics and what you need to know about the charateristics of these situations and recognizing red flag warnings in persons of concern. (Click here for PowerPoint Presentation) (Click here for PDF Presentation)

1:15pm-2:15pmFinancial Systems and Customer Service
 Tammy Logan, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
 When your financial systems fall short of customer expectations, how do you compensate? Do you increase customer service? Can you afford to or can you afford not to? This session will focus on Tammy's "learn by doing" customer service experience during an implemenatation of new payment options that resulted in customer confusion and dissatisfaction. Tammy will share tips on setting customer service standards, motivating staff, and understanding difficult customers.
2:15pm-2:25pmTransition Break
2:25pm-3:15pmPeer Panel
 We learn best from each other! This interactive session will provide you with a chance to ask, "How do you do it?" and to share inofrmation on best practices and operational efficiencies.
3:15pm-3:45pmBreak with Partners
 Second Floor
3:45pm-5:00pmDepartment of Education Update
 Gail McLarnon, U.S. Department of Education
 The hot topic is the status of the Perkins Loan Program. Attend and learn about upcoming changes and how they will affect your institution. The most up-to-date information related to ferderal student aid programs will be presented by the Department of Education. You have lots of questions and here is your opportunity to get answers. (Click here for presentation)
5:30pm-6:30pmHosted Reception

Thursday, May 14, 2015

8:30am-9:00amOpening Remarks
 Denise Burt, Santa Clara University
9:00am-10:15amCharacter Counts!
 Michael Josephson - Keynote Speaker
 Michael Josephson motivates audiences in all industries with his powerful and engaging presentations. Come listen to this refocus on moral compass and how it is affecting students and beyond.
10:15am-10:45amBreak with Partners
 Second Floor
10:45am-12:00pmStudent Panel
 Don't miss this popular session where we will hear first hand from a panel of students as they answer questions about their college experience, service, and ideas for improvement. Submit your questions when you register for the conference!

Thursday Afternoon Cashier Track Sessions:

1:00pm-1:50pmMobile Payment Solutions/EMV
 Matt Camino, University of the Pacific & Steve Woods, Cal Lutheran University
 As campus departments are looking to engage in mobile payments more than ever before, find out how other campuses utilize eStores. Also, learn how to create a safe and successful solution that meets new EMV regulations and PCI-DSS standards. (Click here for presentation)
1:50pm-2:00pmTransition Break
2:00pm-3:00pmVA/Chap 33
 Jenn Zimmerman, California Lutheran University
 Learn how to get VA program up and running or just how to create new efficiencies in your current program. Jenn, a former VA student turned VA Program Administrator, deconstructs the processes she has used to grow the program at Cal Lutheran. (Click here for presentation)
3:00pm-3:30pmBreak with Partners
 Second Floor
3:30pm-4:30pmInformation Security/Data Security/Counterfeit Detection 
 Robert Henry, Santa Clara 
 This session examines how to identify what information needs to be protected in your office, how to identify who has access to that information, and how to protect it.

Thursday Afternoon Collections Track Sessions:

1:00pm-1:50pmInternational Collections/Risks/Resources
 Bob Putich, Western Washington University
 This session will provide information on best practices for servicing our international student population. Learn about the resources available that help reduce bad debt and improve your institution's bottom line. (Click here for presentation)
1:50pm-2:00pmTransition Break
 Chad Echols
 Listen in as Chad reviews the current bankruptcy climate and how it affects your institution's bad debt, student loans, and Title IV refunds.(Click here for presentation)
3:00pm-3:30pmBreak with Partners
 Second Floor
3:30pm-4:30pmTIVAS, Loan Consolidation for DOE
 Carl Casey
 The what, where, how, when and why of the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge application cycle and Perkins Loan HOlder Notification files. (Click here for presentation)

Thursday Evening


Friday, May 15, 2015

8:30am-8:45amOpening Remarks & Business Meeting
 Denise Burt, Santa Clara University
8:45am-10:00amLegal Hot Topics/MPN for Tuition
 Chad Echol
 Chad is a conference presenter favorite! Come join his session about the current legal status of the collection idustry; TCPA, CFPG, FDCPA, and FDCPA litigation and trends. (Click here for presentation)
10:00am-10:15 amTransition Break
10:15am-11:15amThe CFPB and Student Loans
 Stefanie Jackman, Ballard Spahr
 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to be very active with respect to private student lending. Institutions need to know how this affects their operations and ensure they are compliant. Stephanie will explore a number of important topics impacting this industry, including the hot areas in student loan regulatory compliance, lessons learned from recent consent orders and enforcement actions, the stuatus of a possible QM-Type rule for student loans, and third party provider oversight. (click here for presentation)
11:15am-NoonRaffle and Business Meeting