PacWest SFS Steering Committee Open Positions – 2 year terms (2024-2026)


Member Vote - Institutional Committee Openings

1 Member at Large

The Member at Large will represent and is accountable to the general membership of the organization. Keeping the general membership informed by e-mail and newsletter is the most important duty a member at large assumes. In addition, other projects to support the conference efforts may be assigned. All academic members must:
1. Maintain employment in an appropriate position at a higher education institution.
2. Attend monthly and weekly conference calls.
3. Attend at the annual in-person meeting in October.
4. Provide active and working participation in Steering Committee activities.
5. Be present to serve at the PacWest SFS Annual Conference in May.
6. Support all association endorsed events.
7. Represent PacWest in a professional manner, including fiscally responsible decision making. And respectful communication with peers.




If you are interested in any of the above positions, please email PacWest SFS at with the below information:

• Name
• School or Company Name
• Years in the Higher Education Industry
• Why you would like to join PacWest SFS?

We will be voting and announcing the new members at the conference.